An ARTplaydate is an Artist facilitated, friendly, supportive and fun creative encounter for parents or carers and young children to come along and enjoy 'art as a process' within a contemporary mobile play space in the form of a cubby style shed. We welcome you to participate in getting ARTplayful but also encourage you to be able to sit back and take a breath in this time and watch the creative process unfold!

We aim to inspire your children’s curiosities, ignite their imaginations and nurture creativity whilst enhancing health and wellbeing through the process of engaging and exploring art as a process of play with a diverse and sometimes alternative range of art mediums and tools.

We offer friendly supportive advice for you on the value that the process of getting ARTplayful can bring to enhancing your child's early development and wellbeing for you to then take away and nurture in your own home or workplace.



What is an ARTplaydate?
2020 ARTplaydates...exciting news!!





We are embracing the outdoors and moving out of the studio and into the back of the little red van to visit and share the joy of ARTplaydates back out in the community!








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